About Us


We are a small kennel based in the Cambridgeshire Countryside, where we have a small holding. I began showing in 1991, and bred my first litter in 1994. I am approved to award Challenge Certificates in English Setters and Otterhounds, and judge all gundogs and hounds at open show level.  I am committee member of the English Setter Association, and the Health Coordinator for English Setters.


It all began when my parents bought an English Setter puppy from Jack and Doreen Bowen (Chelmset) in 1976 before I was born. 'Purdey' and I grow up together, and yes, there are photos of me learning to walk holding on to her, and us fast asleep together, but they won't be appearing on here!


When she died in 1990 my mother decided she wanted to have two setters this time, I had decided, for some unknown reason, I wanted to show them. 'Minty' arrived from Sue Carter, she wasn't show quality, and hated it with a passion, although I learnt the basics with her. 'Jessica' joined us at 6 months and she was shown with minor success. She wasn't completely keen on showing but was very well bred by Mrs Sawtell. Jessica had one litter with 2 puppies shown, again with moderate success. Several generations were bred with increasing amounts of success but I still felt I wasn't getting the quality or type I ideally wanted - they weren't keen on showing either.


I had always been drawn to the pictures of Sh Ch Hurwyn Paper Doll and her daughters, as well as the great Suntop dogs. Benched not far from me at shows was Christine Normansell whose dogs appealed being based on the Hurwyn /Suntop lines, they were also great characters who always showed well. I approached Christine for a puppy, she offered me pick of a repeat mating of Larrenie Codebreaker and Larrenie Honey Bunch. This had produced 2 successful litters previously, and in 1997 I collected Evie from Scotland. She has proven to be a real character, fantastic to live with as well as an excellent show dog, becoming a champion in 2000.


Evie had three litters. Her first two were by Larrenie Bergamot. From the first litter I kept Murray ( W All Eyes On Me) who won well as a youngster, including 2 best Puppy at champ shows, BP at MESS open Show and Junior dog at Crufts. He then took a long time to mature and decided showing was not fo him. I also kept his sister, she disliked showing and unfortunately lost her puppies the only time she got into whelp. From the second litter Wandsfell It wasn't me at Mirrlees has been lightly shown by Vera Lyons but has gained his stud book number. From Evie's third litter by Sh Ch Daraquist Leading Recruit I kept Bridget (W Leading Me On) with her brother W Leading Me Astray at Daraquist going to live with their dad. Sidney has sired Daraquist Down Under, who has 3 res CCs.


Bridget was mated to Daraquist Down Under for her third and fourth litters. From the third litter Wandsfell Just In Time one several champ show classes including Junior dog at Crufts. Wandsfell Just Being Me is the lightest shown of the three but is always in the cards, making a rare appearance in 2014 to gain her stud book number. Phoebe - Wandsfell Just Love Me has been a consistent winner when shown, and gained her stud book number in 2012. From Bridget's fourth litter, W. Look At Me went to Peter and Pernilla Magnusson in Sweden and has been a consistent winner including the Swedish Junior Winner title in 2012.


Just Being Me was mated to Larrenie Under My Thumb at Mirrlees for her first litter and produced W Don't Quote Me who has been a consistent winner, gaining his stud book number at 2 years of age. His Sister, W Don't call Me Babe (Gabby) was BPIS at the English Setter Society of Scotland, Duncan was RBPIS. Both have continued to win well in 2015, gaining their first ResCCs.They were also Best In Show and Reserve Best In Show at Southern English Setter Society.


Gabby produced her first litter in 2014, was a consistent winner in sweden. Her second litter produced several champ show winners, covid limited their careers. Her final Litter by Bournehouse Silver Lariat produced the champ show winner W. Dream Maker, and her sister Sh Ch Wandsfell Dream of Me.


In 2022, we had the opportunity to acquire Vanquish Oppoertunity, a dog I had judged in Holladn as a puppy, and had given her mother a CC here in the UK. 'Priya' settled in and started her show career with us in July 2022 winning first time out. Following her litter in 2023, she returnd to the ring and has had a great run of success, winning to date 4 CC's three with Breed Club Best In Shows. we have a son and daughter from her first litter for us, who will be joining her at shows more in 2024. 


We have been concerned for some time at  the diminshing gene pool for English Setters. The breed is again on the Vulnerable native breeds list,and is reguarly producing less than 300 puppiesa year, far less than is needed to keep the breed sustainable. Additionally, the effective breeding population is less than 30 animals,  way below what conservationist believe is necessary to keep a species sustainable -  they now recommend 500 animals. We have undertaken some outcross matings to non UK show lines, and have future plans to widen the gene pool.